Electrical Upgrades for a Luxury Bathroom

Imagine you’ve just received a client who wants some upgrades made to their bathroom for more of a luxury feel. Homeowners don’t always need to buy expensive countertops or expand their bathroom space to make it luxurious. In fact, there are a lot of electrical changes you can make that will make a big difference in their bathroom. Here are a few electrical upgrades that you consider making to a bathroom for a luxurious look and feel.

Stylish Sconces

One easy upgrade that you can make to their bathroom is to add some stylish sconces around the bathroom that will be trendy and luxurious. Make sure to pay attention to décor trends so you know what shapes, finishes, and styles of sconces will be a great fit for a luxurious bathroom. For example, elaborate gold sconces have surged in popularity over the last year. Modern, matte black sconces have also become quite popular. You can put sconces on either side of the mirrors in the bathroom. You can also put them near the bathroom door or the shower door to add some mood lighting as well as a pop of texture and metallic color.

Luxury Bath

Another electrical upgrade that you can make to help a bathroom feel more luxurious is to add a luxury bath with jets. There are some baths that even come with massage settings, light features, and even Bluetooth attachments for playing music. Adding a luxury bath with these features will require some plumbing help and expertise, but it will also require some electrical attachments that normal baths don’t require. Your clients will love the edition of such a special bath. They’ll never want to leave the bathroom again.

Can Lighting

You can also give a bathroom a luxurious boost by adding some can lighting. Even though this might not sound like a super fancy option, lighting can brighten up the space evenly. This can help any bathroom to feel brighter, cleaner, and larger, even if it isn’t a very big bathroom to begin with. Make sure that you map out the bathroom to figure out how many can lights you’ll need to put in. You can then add light switch dimmers to enable these can lights to have more of a mood lighting option.

LED Bathroom Mirror

Another addition that you can make to a bathroom to make it feel more luxurious is to add an LED bathroom mirror that includes built-in LED lighting from behind the mirror. These types of mirrors are becoming very popular in some of the best quality hotels. They are great for applying makeup, shaving, doing a skincare routine, and more. They also just look super fancy, so anyone is sure to love them! You can also get LED bathroom mirrors that come with a special steam feature that will keep the mirror from getting steamy when someone is using hot water in a shower or bath.

Mood Shower Lighting

Finally, you can add some mood shower lighting to help your client’s shower to feel more luxurious, no matter how big or small it may be. Showers usually use can lights that are waterproof and water damage resistant to add even lighting. You can add special can lights that are flush with the sealing to prevent any steam or water to get into the light and rust or damage it. You can then add a dimmer switch to allow for different mood lighting options in the shower.

So, if you’re working on a client’s bathroom and trying to give it some luxurious upgrades, make sure that you remember these suggestions. Keep in mind that you can add stylish sconces, a luxury bath, can lighting, an LED bathroom mirror, and mood lighting in the shower to amp up the luxury in any bathroom. Your client will be so thrilled when they see these electrical upgrades you’ve made to their space.

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