How to Install a Hot Tub

You’ve just received the unexpected job of installing a hot tub for a customer. If you’ve never installed a hot tub before, you should know that it does require a great deal of electrical experience. Here are a few tips to help you know how to install a hot tub safely and correctly.

Start with Safety Measures

First, before installing the hot tub, you’ll need to ensure you’ve covered all your bases with safety measures. In some areas, hot tubs require certain permits to install since they involve electrical and plumbing work. Make sure to check with your local safety and electrical authorities to obtain the necessary permits. Additionally, make sure that you have any safety equipment that you’ll need to reduce the risk of being electrocuted. Finally, make sure that the hot tub will be installed in a safe way, complete with a hot tub cover to prevent any risk of drowning.

Create a Hot Tub Base

Next, you’ll need to create a sturdy base for the hot tub. Hot tubs are very heavy, even without any occupants inside them. So, you’ll want to make sure that the area where you’re going to install the hot tub is fortified and strengthened sufficiently. It might be helpful to build a concrete slab base to provide a sturdy foundation for your hot tub. The concrete slab should be at least 4 inches thick to provide sufficient support for the weight of the hot tub. If you’re building a hot tub on a deck, you might need to add some concrete fortifications underneath the deck so the deck doesn’t bow under the weight of the hot tub.

Wire it For Power

Once the hot tub base is taken care of, you’ll need to wire the hot tub for power. The hot tub will be powered and heated by electricity, so you’ll need to use your expertise to make electricity available–particularly if it is in an outdoor location. The hot tub should be located within 15 feet of a GFCI outlet to be powered correctly. For this reason, most hot tubs are located very near an exit of the house so electricity can be wired and accessed easily.

If there isn’t an electrical outlet available for you to hook up the hot tub, you’ll need to install an outdoor outlet using power and wires from the building’s interior. Also, check the power voltage that the hot tub uses so you can ensure that the right type of outlet is installed.

Attach the Hot Tub

After the hot tub area is wired for power, you’ll need to move the hot tub into place and attach it to the water source. The hot tub will likely weigh more than one ton, so make sure that you have a moving crew and equipment to help you. Once it is in place, connect the plumbing to the hot tub. The drain valves of the plumbing should be closed and the gate valves should be opened. Then, install the skimmer and filter according to the hot tub’s instructions so it can function properly.

Fill and Test

Once the hot tub is sufficiently installed and hooked up to plumbing and electricity, it will be time to test it out! Make sure to fill the hot tub first because testing it dry can cause serious risks and issues. You can fill the tub with an outdoor hose faucet if needed. Then, prime the pump from the electrical control panel, and run the pump priming cycle. This will help the hot tub to circulate the water correctly. Ensure that the water heating and chemicals are also functioning properly before finishing up the job.

So, if you’ve just been hired to install a hot tub for the first time, remember these steps and tips. Make sure to start with safety measures, create a hot tub base, wire it for power, attach the hot tub, and fill and test it. This will help you guarantee that the hot tub is installed safely and correctly, making your customers happy.

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