How to Use Automatic Wire Strippers

If you’ve ever needed to refresh your electrical tool belt or toolbox, you’ve probably searched for a great pair of automatic wire strippers. Automatic wire strippers are one of the tools that you’ll use in most of your electrical jobs and responsibilities. Here are a few things that you should be looking for in some high-quality automatic wire strippers.

Automatic Wire Strippers

First, what are automatic wire strippers? An automatic wire stripper is a handheld tool that electricians use to strip and remove the plastic insulation that often coats the outer layer of electrical cables and wires. The plastic insulation coats almost all electrical cables and wires to provide protection to you and the wire when installing them. However, said insulation needs to be removed for the wires to function correctly in an electrical circuit, hence the importance of having an effective pair of automatic wire strippers.

When to Use an Automatic Wire Stripper

You use automatic wire strippers when you need to remove the plastic insulation on electrical wires. You must remove the plastic insulation in electrical wires or cables before you use them in electrical tasks. This causes the wires to work more efficiently and effectively in conducting electrical currents.

When you’re using an automatic wire stripper, be very careful to not remove the plastic insulation in an overly aggressive or hurried manner. Doing so can cause you to nick the wire below the plastic insulation or even remove strands of the electrical wire. If the wire becomes nicked by an automatic wire stripper, this can cause the wire to function in a faulty manner. Issues such as an electrical short, broken connection, or short circuit may occur in this case.

Although different types of automatic wire strippers function in slightly different ways, you can use some automatic wire strippers by clamping down on the wire, squeezing, and pulling it through, removing the plastic insulation.

What to Look for in an Automatic Wire Stripper

 When you’re looking for a new automatic wire stripper, it can be helpful to examine the size of the electrical wires and cords you usually work with. Make sure that you find an automatic wire stripper that fits those wires. Luckily, automatic wire strippers usually come with a self-adjusting feature, helping the tool to be effective in removing plastic insulation in a variety of sizes or widths. Your automatic wire strippers might even have several notches to fit different sizes of wires.

Another quality that you should look for in your automatic wire strippers is a cutting and crimping feature. This can help you to cut or crimp wire that you’re installing in electrical circuits when necessary. Additionally, make sure that your automatic wire strippers have insulated handles that will protect you from any stray electrical shocks or currents.

So, if you’re in the market for a new pair of automatic wire strippers, remember to consider your options first. You don’t want to fork out cash for something that won’t do the job as it should. When purchasing a new pair of wire strippers, make sure that you know exactly what you’ll be using your wire strippers for so that you can select your wire strippers accordingly. This will help you to be safer and more successful in your electrical work.

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