Whether you're powering your swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, or other outdoor applications requiring the use of ground fault protection, spa panels are designed to keep you protected. They're used to shut off power while you repair or perform maintenance on equipment. You can also use them to shut off power during emergencies. Keep reading to find out more about outdoor spa panels.

What are Spa Panels?

An electrical panel is a metal box that connects the main power line to the home and distributes electrical currents to circuits within the home. A spa panel distributes power to outdoor loads while protecting people from an electrical shock while they're in or around the hot tub, spa, pool, or sauna.

Benefits of Using Spa Panels

Spa panels offer homeowners several benefits. First, they contain a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) breaker that automatically shuts off when a ground fault is detected. Thanks to this factory-installed GFCI breaker, spa panels take significantly less time to install. Spa panels also come equipped with ground and neutral bars, a pad-lockable cover to prevent unwanted entry, and an automatic self-test GFCI.

Signs A Spa Panel is Due for an Inspection

It's important to inspect spa panels to ensure safety. Unsafe warning signs include flickering lights when your spa appliances are running, frequently tripped breakers, crackling noises, or when a circuit breaker doesn't trip when overloaded.

Older homes may have an outdated and unsafe spa panel and require more power than what was originally implemented at the time it was built. These old panels could result in loss of power or an electrical fire. In most cases, older homes aren't wired to support the developing technology used in most homes today. If adding an outdoor spa isn't a safe choice with the home's electrical system, it's crucial to upgrade the electrical panel. This upgrade will help make the system safe and give it the capability to power your new outdoor spa properly. When mounting the spa panel on the wall, make sure it's at least 5 feet from the spa location.

If the spa or hot tub is 220 volt, a subpanel with a GFCI circuit breaker must be installed to comply with UL listings from the manufacturer.

Siemens Spa Panels

These panels provide power from an electrical circuit of a service to the spa equipment requiring power. These are available with both 50 amp and 60 amp 2-pole GFCI breakers, depending upon the amperage the spa equipment needs to operate. The enclosure is outdoor rated and has 2 additional spaces for extra branch circuits. A cover plate and ground bar are included. The total panel rating is 125 Amps.

Need a New Spa Panel?

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