Simple Smart Home Upgrades

Have you ever had any clients request that you give them a smart home? Smart home features have become increasingly popular as automated technology has become much more common and affordable. Here are a few simple smart home upgrades that any client would love for you to make in their home.

Smart Speakers

First of all, you can add smart speakers to your client’s home. This can include smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa or Echo Dot, but other speakers have been designed to include AI technology such as Apple’s Siri. You can add smart speakers around the home to provide entertainment and ease when homeowners have questions or need reminders from these personal assistant technologies. You can also give their home theater area a huge upgrade by adding smart speakers as their sound system. These speakers can add a substantial sound system that is personalized and easy to use.

Smart Lighting

You can also upgrade a home easily by adding some smart lighting. This is probably one of the most popular options that electricians work on when adding smart features to a home. There are smart lighting bulbs, apps, and different kinds of technology to add this to a home. Once the smart lighting is installed, the homeowner will be able to use verbal commands to control different lighting settings to create personalized features such as mood lighting, party lighting, or productivity lighting. These smart lighting features can serve many different purposes.

Smart Locks

Finally, you can add smart locks to a home to add extra security and peace of mind for any homeowner. Smart locks are usually controlled by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can be locked or unlocked with finger scans, taps, or even specific voice commands. These great smart locks allow homeowners to go key-free without the hassle of remembering or losing keys. Smart locks can also be incredibly convenient since some smart locks can actually be opened hands-free, which is a great benefit for a busy mom who always comes home with her hands overly full.

If you have a client that wants you to give them a smart home, or if you’re trying to update and upgrade your electrical abilities as a hirable electrician, make sure that you keep these features in mind. Smart speakers, smart lighting, and smart locks are just a few of the possibilities when it comes to smart technology. Make sure that you keep doing research to stay up-to-date on home and technology trends so you can always fulfill the wishes of your clients.

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