Property managers or owners of a multi-family building are always looking for cost-effective improvements that maximize their residents' safety and quality of life. While exterior refreshes, attractive landscaping, and spacious parking are proven ways to enhance your property's appeal, investments such as upgrading the electrical system in a multi-family home also present several advantages, including:

  • Making existing occupants more comfortable
  • Growing their resident base
  • Creating new revenue streams
  • Charging a higher rental price

However, multi-family homes have specific electrical requirements and challenges, including supplying reliable power to all units.

Let's dive into how to bolster the electrical system in a multi-family property.

Upgrade Electrical Panels and Circuit Breakers

One of the crucial upgrades you may need to make to a multi-family home is a panel upgrade. Panel upgrades can include replacing the exterior of the panel and the circuit breakers inside. If residents blow the breaker after doing a load of laundry or turning on their air conditioning, they're most likely exceeding the allotted amps. This may be a sign that it's time to upgrade your breakers to a higher rating.

Multi-family homes typically have their own separate circuit breakers to prevent surges from affecting larger groups of people and provide access to power for specific units when needed. You'll need to add additional circuits to power different rooms, devices, or amenities. These upgrades allow you to expand your multi-family building amenities. For example,

  • Install smart home and alarm systems throughout the premises
  • Invest in charging stations for electric cars
  • Add a gym, sauna, or hot tub 

If the breakers are not functioning properly and your panel is older, consider newly manufactured breakers by Connecticut Electric. Connecticut Electric manufactures new replacement breakers for obsolete brands such as Federal Pacific breakers, Pushmatic breakers, or Zinsco breakers. These breakers would make a solid upgrade to the electrical system.

Update Wiring

Electricians can upgrade the electrical panel and wiring at the same time to save the property manager time and money. It is essential that your wiring and breaker match in terms of capacity. Keep in mind that the wrong wire length can interrupt the power connection, increasing the risk of fire hazards from short circuits. The National Electrical Code requires that a 20 amp circuit be wired with 12 gauge wire. If the strands are the same size or bigger, you can upgrade the breaker.

Need Supplies for a Multi-Family Building? Restock at Big Electric Supply

As an electrician, you need to be well-stocked and ready to meet your clients' needs. At Big Electric Supply, we have many parts and tools you may need to keep your customers' electrical systems in ideal condition. From the major circuit breaker brands, such as Square D, Eaton, and GE, to replacement breakers from Connecticut Electric for those obsolete brands like Federal Pacific Breakers, Pushmatic Breakers, Zinsco Breakers, we can help you with your electrical supplies for upgrading a multi-family building.