When you have clients who are considering remodeling their homes, it's a great time to recommend certain electrical upgrades. Because many home remodels involve cutting into the walls and making large enough alterations to expose electrical wiring, it's easiest and best to take care of any electrical upgrades at the same time.

There are a variety of upgrades you could recommend to your clients, and a lot of those options depend on the kind of remodeling that's happening in the home as well as the current state of the house’s electrical system. So while there are a lot of upgrades you could recommend to clients, the first thing you really need to establish before recommending any changes is how extensive the remodel will be.

How Extensive Does the Electrical Upgrade Need to Be?

If your client’s house is relatively new, the electrical upgrades needed may be more minimal. Their upgrades might be things like smart home upgrades. However, for people who have older homes, it's possible and even likely that their electrical system is long outdated.

Older electrical systems, especially ones that are 40 to 50 years old, can be both a nuisance and potentially a hazard to the people who live in the home. It's likely that the electrical system they have is not strong enough to meet all of their electrical needs. It used to be that a family didn’t need large amounts of power to run their everyday lives. They had fewer appliances and much less of the technology that we use daily now.

Modern electrical needs involve near-constant usage and much higher amounts of electricity per device or appliance. In homes that have older electrical systems, electricity may be unreliable, lights may flicker when appliances are in use, and breakers may flip off frequently. The longer this goes on, the more of a risk it poses to those living in the home and the more necessary it will be to do a more extensive upgrade during the remodel.

If you know your client’s home will need this kind of extensive upgrade, do your best to educate your clients about the need for the upgrade and encourage them not to delay doing it. Whether or not the upgrade needs to be massive, there are still several recommendations you can give to your clients for their remodel.

Upgrades to Recommend During a Home Remodel

Some upgrades are extremely important to keep up on, while others are less so. The recommendations on this list range all over that spectrum. Consider the different needs of your clients to determine which of these recommendations would be best for them.

Panel Upgrades

One of the more important upgrades you may need to recommend to clients is a panel upgrade. Some people may attempt to DIY this upgrade when they can see that their electrical panel needs replacing. This is something you should discourage because, as you well know, electrical work can be quite risky.

Panel upgrades can include replacing the exterior of the panel as well as the circuit breakers inside. If the panel is in good condition, but a few of the breakers are not functioning properly, try replacing the questionable breakers with newly manufactured breakers by Connecticut Electric.  Connecticut Electric manufactures replacement breakers for obsolete brands such as Federal Pacific Breakers, Pushmatic Breakers, or Zinsco Breakers. If you are not going to update the entire panel, these breakers would make a strong upgrade to the electrical system.

New Outlets

Something a lot of people need in their upgraded electrical system is newer or more wall outlets than they currently have. Many people, when they don't have enough outlets, will use a lot of power strips around their home to compensate. However, this can put a strain on the old electrical system, so installing new outlets so the family has access to more outlets in the home will help the family be safer. Plus, they will love the convenience of more outlets.

When installing a new outlet, it can also be a great idea to include GFCI outlets throughout the home, particularly in bathrooms and the kitchen. These outlets are designed to immediately shut off power if an appliance or device plugged into it comes in contact with water. This minimizes electrical shocks. In some areas of the home these outlets are required for a house to be up to code. So if your client is considering selling their home soon, they may need to have GFCI outlets installed first.

Updated Wiring

Wiring is one of the best things to upgrade during a major home remodel because it requires opening walls to upgrade. If the wiring upgrade and the remodel can be done at the same time, it can save your clients a lot of time and money.

The wiring can last for quite a while, but it does still wear out. A lot of people don't consider this when they are thinking of remodeling their home, so encourage clients who are planning to remodel to also plan wiring upgrades into their remodel. The last thing they want is to open up the wall and find out that they need a wiring upgrade but have not planned or budgeted for it.

Smart Home Upgrades

A popular reason to make electrical upgrades in homes these days is to place smart home upgrades in their electrical system. Unless a home is quite new, odds are that most houses won't quite have the power capabilities for smart home electrical needs. But with a few upgrades, their homes should be able to have all sorts of smart home additions. From remotely controlled sprinkler systems to smart home thermostats or even smart TVs, your clients will be able to make their home as convenient as possible.

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