Circuit breakers are an essential part of the home. Without them, our houses can become overloaded with electricity, which can cause damage or dangerous overheating. The breakers must always be functioning correctly and safely. Here's a breakdown of why you should avoid used or refurbished circuit breakers and why newly manufactured breakers are the only dependable and safe option.

Used Vs. New Manufactured Circuit Breakers

When installing used or refurbished circuit breakers, there is no guarantee they will function properly and safely. Used circuit breakers are considered safety threats due to their questionable pasts that electricians cannot properly track. Plus, when a new circuit breaker is used, sealant is used to keep the parts together. To remove non-functioning parts and recondition the circuit breaker, the sealant is removed and replaced with other types of sealants. In most cases, this sealant isn't professionally applied in a factory. Instead, it's most likely being used by an amateur.

Although circuit breakers may look safe and effective on the outside, they may be damaged on the inside due to water damage and corrosion. Even if they pass all safety tests, it's always a smart idea to use newly manufactured circuit breakers whenever replacements are needed.

A respectable and professional electrician or technician will likely never recondition a circuit breaker because they know how dangerous it can be. When you buy a new circuit breaker, you and your customers have peace of mind knowing that it will work safely and effectively due to their correct labeling, proper manufacturing date, and rigorous testing in a factory.

At Big Electric Supply, we offer newly manufactured replacement breakers for the OEM breaker specification. Recently, we launched both QB and NB commercial bolt-on breakers. These are very similar to QC and NA residential breakers, yet the commercial version is considered a "bolt-on" breaker due to the way it attaches to the bus bar. These are exclusively for Zinsco (QB) and Federal Pacific (NB). Our breakers are ET-listed to the UL 489 molded case circuit breaker standard. Always new manufacturing, never refurbished or remanufactured. Warranty is industry-leading at ten years with breaker registration on our website.

Need New Manufactured Circuit Breakers? Restock at Big Electric Supply

As an electrician, you need to be well-stocked and ready to meet the needs of your clients. At Big Electric Supply, we have many of the parts and pieces and tools you need to keep your customers' electrical systems in ideal condition. From the major circuit breaker brands, such as Square D, Eaton, and GE, to replacement breakers for those obsolete brands like Federal Pacific Breakers, Pushmatic Breakers, Zinsco Breakers, we can help you with your electrical supplies for completing your next remodel.