When to Hire an Electrician

Some home repair and improvement projects are fine for the average layperson to tackle on their own. Others are best left to professionals. Electrical work typically falls into the latter category. Sure, something like changing a lightbulb is pretty simple, something that most homeowners can tackle themselves. Other electrical projects are more complicated and require more know-how to be completed safely. Knowing when to hire an electrician is easier if you know what sorts of jobs they should handle.

Adding Outlets

People tend to turn to extension cords and power strips if they can’t find an available outlet in their homes. While that may seem like an acceptable solution, it’s not a good long-term solution. Using power strips and extension cords can overload a home’s electrical system and even lead to fires. That is especially true if there are multiple appliances plugged in.

Extensive power strip and extension cord use indicate that additional outlets are needed. This is a job for a professional electrician because new wiring must be added and electrical connections made. Professional electricians know how to do that safely and correctly.

Upgrading an Electrical Panel

As building codes are updated and new appliances are added, it sometimes becomes necessary to upgrade a home’s electrical panel. Sometimes the panel needs to be upgraded simply because it’s old enough that it’s time for a new one. Other panels, like many Federal Pacific Electrical panels, may have dangerous defects that must be replaced for safety reasons.

Upgrading or replacing an electrical panel is another project best left to professional electricians. Such a task requires making changes to the wiring. Messing that up can result in dangerous house fires. Professional electricians know how to upgrade an electrical panel correctly and ensure it’s up to the right building codes.

Replacing a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Electrical shocks can be deadly. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is meant to minimize the risk of death or injury due to electric shocks. If the GFCI detects a potential shock incident, it cuts off the power to prevent injury. They are designed to last for a long time–about 30 years. That doesn’t always mean they last that long though. They need to be replaced when they start to go bad. Because of how important they are, it’s important to leave their replacement to a licensed professional electrician who knows how to do the job right.

Installing a Surge Protection System

Surge protectors are designed to protect electronics that could be damaged by a surge of electricity. The average home has thousands of dollars’ worth of electrical equipment that could be at risk. Laptops, TVs, chargers, hair dryers, refrigerators, AC units, and even lights can all be damaged by a power surge. Surge protection systems are designed to protect electronics from power surges. An electrician can install a transient voltage surge suppression system that provides protection for electronics. Given the value of electronics and how much they are used, it makes sense to use an electrician for the installation. This is one project no one wants to see not work because it wasn’t installed properly, so it’s not one that the average person should attempt to DIY,

Repairing Wiring

Problems with wiring can result in funny smells, loud or strange buzzing noises, outlets that don’t work properly, lights that flicker, and switches that don’t work properly. These problems are best addressed by professional electricians. Working with electrical wires can be dangerous. Professionals know how to repair wiring safely and properly so it works as it should. As a general rule, an electrician should be hired for anything involving wiring.

Electrical work can be incredibly dangerous. Mistakes can result in serious home damage, injury, or even death. Because of the risk involved, most electrical projects should be left to a professional electrician who is experienced and skilled. Professional electricians have the knowledge, tools, skills, and experience to get the job done safely and correctly. When it comes to electrical work, pro is the way to go.

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